Hello im Stevie. You want to know how I can enhance your life. Well, I'm not merely living life, I'm experiencing it fully cognizant and on my own terms to get the most out of every moment. If you are an adventurous man I would love to bring you along on my ride. Given my natural inclination toward sensuality it's also the way I experience my interpersonal relationships. I give myself fully to every experience, indulging all my senses. I would like to open your world to this raw pleasure. I would like to help you experience all the pleasure your body and soul yearn for. I will seduce your mind.


None of my engagements are formulaic or contrived. Every interlude will be based on our personal chemistry and temporal circumstance. I aim to give our assignation significance through mutual exploration of sensual enlightenment. You may find yourself returning frequently without diminishing enthusiasm. There will always be a new and unexpected experience with me, the only constant being the intensity. Whether you choose to visit me for an occasional tryst or an ongoing liaison, I will always provide sanctuary and pure white heat.

No matter how much time passes between our encounters the comfort level will remain high. With every person I allow into my life I forge a spiritual connection. I strive to be someone you can rely on any time you need a sexy confidante, or a partner in adventure. If you ever become mired down in the mundane routines and stress of daily life you can enter my urbane oasis and let it all fade away.

I should note that I'm not for everyone. I can only accept requests to see those I will enjoy my time with. A gallant and erudite gentleman with an open mind is the only type who will truly appreciate what I have to offer. Our time will be spent together in a unique and profound manner. Those preoccupied with the size/shape/color of the parts I'm made up of, and what I will allow him to do with them will find little fulfillment here. If you have a need to overthink what our time together will provide for you, unable let it unfold in an organic way, you will most likely be frustrated by me. If you're unable to relax and let my sensuality flow over you then you probably won't enjoy me. If you believe you are someone who would appreciate a rendezvous with an unapologetically feminine woman, then join me for a time were the possiblities are endless...


Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 130
Cup: C
Bust: 36
Waist: 27
Hips: 36
Build: Athletic

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I am a professional escort. Fees paid to me are for my time and companionship only. If anything else occurs it is as a matter of mutual choice between consenting adults. Any fantasy scenarios contained in this site are purely that; they do not constitute any form of contractual obligation. I do not engage in any unlawful acts. I reserve the right not to enter into any arrangement with those whom I reasonably believe to be under the influence of drugs/alcohol.


Pleasw fill out all the required information on the form below, to schedule your appointment with me



Rates are for time and companionship only, and absolutely not negotiable

Extended appointments are available to established clients.

Outcall appointments to your 5 star hotel or doorman building. Arrangements for incall can be made as well.


Compensation for my time has to be paid in full at the time of introduction for me to stay. .

Please don't put me in the uncomfortable position to have to ask. I ask that compensation is placed somewhere in the open and is easily noticable. (coffee table, Kitchen Counter, Dresser, Etc.)   Fees and arrangements are outlined here because I am a business woman, but I do not enjoy discussing money, and it will be very off-putting for me if I'm forced to bring the subject up. Let's not get started on the wrong foot.


5001 Hour
10002 Hours
200Additional Hours
300Dinner Date


4001 Hour
7002 Hours
200 Additional Hours
300Dinner Date


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers

Q: What if I would like to give you a gift?
A: Aren't you the sweetest thing. Gifts are never expected, so I appreciate the sentiment. please include your questions about my sizes or whatever other questions you may have retaining to any gifts

Q: What is a customary tip?
A: Tipping is not customary. My fees reflect the compensation I believe my time is worth. Expecting anything in addition to this would amount to avarice, which is not one of my chosen sins.

Q: May I use you as a reference for other companions?
A: Yes, of course. Please send me an email beforehand because I will never confirm to anyone that we are acquainted unless you explicitly ask me to do so.

Q: What will you do with my information?
A: My only use for the gathered information will be to screen you and communicate with you about our upcoming appointment. Throughout the verification process information will be discarded as it becomes redundant. I will never store any of your information, or communicate with you beyond appointment scheduling unless expressly asked to do so

Q: Do I need to fill out the screening information if I was referred to this site by you in person?
A: Yes. If I referred you to this page after we spent time together in person it means I enjoyed your company and hope to see you again. A lovely conversation in a public place establishes compatibility, however, it does not satisfy my interests in my safety if I am to meet you privately.

Q: Do you really need all the information requested on your appointment request form?
A: Yes. My safety is of the utmost importance to me, and I'm not willing to make compromises where it is concerned. If my form isn't designed to accommodate your line of work, e.g., artist, novelist, athlete, retired, please email me about alternative methods of screening. I understand your need for discretion and I will never do anything compromise it. I am a professional, and like any other serious business woman, client confidence is of paramount importance to me. However, if you are unwilling to do business with me at my comfort level I understand your choice not to see me. I wouldn't ask you to do anything you feel would compromise your security any more than I would be willing to do so myself.

Q: Can I see you briefly in your free time?
A: Provided we are compatible I would love to see you, but my time is never free.

Q: What if I'm a returning client?
A: Still no. My time holds the same value in established relationships as it does for new friends. If you wish to continue seeing me I imagine you would agree. Establishing an ongoing relationship will be rewarded with an increasing level of trust and comfort between us. Please don't ask me to lower my fees for any reason as I find it quite insulting.

Q: Are your fees negotiable?
A: No, they are not. I believe my time is priced fairly for the experience I offer. Please don't ask me to lower my fees for any reason as I find it quite insulting.

Q: What are your qualifications for a potential client?
A: I expect you to be courteous and behave like a gentleman at all times. I will not tolerate drugs of any kind or excessive drinking. I outlined some of my expectations previously, but I really don't have a list of qualifying factors. As long as you are someone who will treat me with respect, who respects himself, and you are interested in having a nice time with a unique and attractive woman we'll hit it off splendidly